Modular Labs from DropBox Inc. Offer Turnkey Solutions for Customers Everywhere!

Posted on Tue, Feb 18, 2020 @ 09:02 AM

ISO Shipping container modifications, DropBox Inc, ISO Shipping container, shipping container modifications company, Worthington KY, modular lab, modular laboratory, Wurtland KYAt DropBox Inc., we offer both standard and custom modular laboratories for general laboratory use. Whether you need a unit for a small or large project, almost any size requirement can be met with a single unit or by building multiple modules into one larger complex. By building our modular laboratories to be delivered turn-key and ready to hook to electric and water lines, we allow our customers to be "up and running" in a fraction of the time that traditional options take.

With a base that is made from a long-lasting, durable shipping container and quality materials, DropBox Inc. can quickly and cost-effectively deliver modular laboratories to customers anywhere in the world. Our company has developed lab designs that meet a wide range of industries' needs for either dry or wet work conditions. Our turn-key laboratories are available with storage space, counter space, fume hoods, sinks, insulation, ventilation, climate control, windows, doors, and much more upon request.

Need something more specific to your company's needs? Our design team can work closely with you to engineer, design, and manufacture a custom modular laboratory specifically to meet your specific size and functional requirements. We have worked with customers to develop custom modular laboratories that are currently being used at many different locations all around the world.

Want more information on DropBox Inc.'s modular labs? CONTACT US HERE or call us at 740.532.7822.

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DropBox Inc.: Burglary at Manufacturing Facility in Worthington, KY

Posted on Mon, Jul 14, 2014 @ 14:07 PM

 DropBox Inc., ISO Shipping container modifications, robbery, Worthington KY, theft

DropBox Inc. and it's manufacturing arm, Portable Solutions Manufacturing were victims of a robbery over the weekend.


Based on what we currently know the individual or individuals involved cut through a chain-link fence at the Greenup County Youth Soccer Field next to the manufacturing facility located at 801 Scott Street in Worthington, Ky. The thief or thieves then helped themselves to an estimated twelve to fifteen thousand dollars worth of tools, equipment, supplies, and electronics.  


Suspected to have taken place in the very early morning hours of Sunday July 13th the robbery has awakened a myriad of suspicions as to who would have robbed the manufacturing facility that employees roughly 30 welders, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and laborers.


"It's a big hit to us and our operation with all of this missing equipment. I hope our stolen property is recovered quickly to reduce the impact to our operation." stated Quality Manager, Tim Hopkins. "We're a tight-knit crew and we have some ideas but we don't know anything with regards to who broke in and stole all of this stuff." 


Working with the Raceland/Worthington Police Department a list of stolen items including a wide range of tools used for the modification of ISO shipping containers has been given and security camera footage located at the Ashland Regional Airport are currently under review.


"Whoever it was they must have been in a hurry because they dumped out a bunch of our 45 gallon trash cans and filled them with stuff to steal", said Mike Nichols, Manager of Manufacturing. "They must have transported the trash cans full of stolen goods with some dollies we also know are missing. They got a lot of welding supplies, power tools, and a 32" Flat Screen TV that was used for trade shows."  


Anyone with information as to the individual or individuals responsible for this robbery are asked to contact the Raceland/Worthington Police Department at 606-836-6144. 


A $400.00 reward is being offered to anyone with information leading to the arrest of the individual or individuals responsible for this robbery. 


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