PSG Quarterly Newsletter Provides Subscribers with Company News!

Posted on Tue, Nov 26, 2019 @ 15:11 PM

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Did you know that Portable Solutions Group sends out a newsletter every quarter to keep subscribers informed about employees, company events, and more? We believe that it's important for our community to feel a personal connection to our companies. By developing this connection, we are able to form a special relationship with them.

The newsletter is sent out at the end of each quarter and is filled with the companies' most interesting stories that occurred during that time. This allows our subscribers to stay up to date on what goes on inside of our offices and also the people who work in them. 

When asked why the newsletter was started, Megan Coffey, Newsletter Founder and PSG Executive Assistant, said:

I started the quarterly newsletter as a way to share both big news and everyday moments with our friends, family, and community members. A lot of employees in the PSG family of companies are always working to make meaningful connections both inside and outside our organization. Our CEO, Robert Slagel, and I had seen some other companies’ newsletters, and we felt like a quarterly update would be a great way to showcase what we’re all up to. We try to share everything from contest winners to goal-setting to winning big contracts… celebrations, community events, etc. It’s my hope for the future to see the newsletter continue to highlight the secret to our success – our people.

To subscribe to the PSG Quarterly Newsletter, click here and fill in the form with the required information. 

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