DropBox Inc. Begins Construction on a 2 Box Guard Office

Posted on Fri, Oct 08, 2010 @ 10:10 AM

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Recently DropBox Inc. began construction on a new Guard Office complete with a waiting area, first aid station, and an ADA compliant restroom. This unit is being built out of two 40' shipping containers and will be sent to an industrial facility in the tri-state area.  The first steps of construction have been completed; the two 40' ISO shipping containers have been pulled together, windows and doorways have been cut out, and aluminum studs are in the process of being added.

DropOffice, DropBox Inc., DropBoxInc.com, Modular Guard Office

Once the studs have been added the unit will receive a coating of spray-in insulation, a wall treatment and the windows and doors will be installed. This custom ISO shipping container modification was designed to give guards at the customers site an area to maintain security and first aid functions in a climate controlled area that comes complete with a running water restroom. By choosing to go with a modular design made out of shipping containers the site has saved significantly on construction time and money.

DropOffice, DropBox Inc., DropBoxInc.com, Modular Guard Office

DropBox Inc. is the one stop shop for consumers when it comes to furnishing your industrial site with the ISO Shipping Container modifications it needs. DropBox Inc. has roots planted firmly throughout the industry and a listening ear to heartbeat of what is required. Give us a try and we're sure that you will be surprised with the results.

For Updates as the project nears completion check back at  www.dropboxinc.com. Also feel free to contact us here or call toll free at 888-388-7768.

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New Photo Galleries Under Construction at Dropboxinc.com

Posted on Tue, Feb 09, 2010 @ 15:02 PM

In an effort to provide a better visual for our potential customers and container modification enthusiasts Dropboxinc.com is currently under photo gallery construction. In the past a single large photo gallery that displayed on one page and try, often times unsuccessfully, to illustrate the sheer size and capabilities of Dropbox Inc. Check back regularly for updated photo galleries as they become available.

portable running water restroom, sanitation station, modular running water restroom, mobile running water restroom, self contained running water restroom

The first of the photo galleries to be improved was for the Sanitation Station. The Sanitation Station is a fully self contained running water restroom that is fully insulated with finished walls, spray-in, rubberized, non-skid flooring, HVACs and only requires a 220 single phase hook up to run. Once these units are on site they can be plumbed into existing water and sewer lines or the waste/fresh-water tanks located in its mechanical room can be utilized to make the unit self contained.

shower shack, portable showers, modular shower facility, mobile shower units

The second of the photo galleries that was improved was for the Shower Shack, which much like it's predecessor, the Sanitation Station, can be setup to be self contained or plumbed into existing water and sewer lines. The standard Shower Shack is essentially a modular shower room with 8 shower stalls, and 20 lockers that can be transported from location to location as construction companies move on to new projects.

decontamination shower, modular decontamination showers, mobile decontamination showers, portable decontamination showers

The third of the photo galleries that needed some work was for the Decontamination Station, which is a portable decontamination shower unit fully equipped with a dirty room, a shower room with 8 showers, and a clean room with 20 lockers. The Decontamination Station was built to give employees working in arsenic, lead, or asbestos contaminated areas to be able to remove contaminates and change into clean street clothes before leaving work. These units, like all Dropbox container modifications, come fully insulated and are climate controlled via two HVACs.

portable ground level office, modular office, mobile office, portable break room, modular break rooms

The last of the photo galleries to be improved in this first blast of revamping was the DropOffice gallery. These multi-functional units, like their predecessors, are fully insulated, have over head lighting, and come standard with electrical outlets for office/break room equipment. Probably one of the best features of the DropOffice is it's versatility: DropOffices can be used as modular offices, portable break rooms, office trailers, and even mobile living quarters.

Check back as the Dropboxinc.com site and photo gallery will be continually updated.   

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