Custom Portable Running Water Restroom/Shower/ADA Compliant Restroom Update

Posted on Thu, Apr 08, 2010 @ 12:04 PM


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A few short weeks ago Dropbox Inc. began the process of building a custom container modification to meet the specifications of a customer on the west coast. This men and womens restroom/shower combination with a separate ADA compliant restroom was built based on the customers specific requests and was the first time Dropbox has put circular "submarine like" window hatches in one of its units. In addition to the windows, and the custom floor plan, this custom shipping container modifcation will also be painted to match existing structures currently located on site.

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All the toilets, urinals, sinks and shower fixtures have been installed on the custom container modification along with all plumbing and electrical. The walls have been insulated, the floors have been sprayed with a non-skid rubberized flooring that is easy to clean and maintain. The last thing to go in will be the stall doors for the toilets and a fresh coat of customer specified paint to the exterior of the unit. 

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Prior to shipping this unit will also have 20 Dropbox manufactured, window flanges placed inside. These window flanges were designed and manufactured specifically for this build and the circular window/hatches the customer requested. When pictures of the unit were sent to the customer in the early stages of the build they noticed the "square to circle" flanges and ordered 20 for themselves to use in some of their own custom shipping container modifications

Check back for updates on this build and much more at

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Dropbox begins cutting on a Custom Modification

Posted on Tue, Mar 23, 2010 @ 09:03 AM

For Dropbox Inc. the opportunity to offer customers a custom solution for their needs is always an exciting prospect. This week cutting began on a custom running water restroom with a men's room, women's room and an ADA compliant restroom. This custom container modification will have 2 men's toilet stalls, 2 urinals, a shower, and a sink in the men's room, 1 women's toilet stall, 1 shower, and a sink in the women's room, and a handicap accessible restroom with 1 toilet and a sink.

running water restroom, portable restroom trailer, custom container modification

In addition to the custom floor plan this portable running water restroom will be built to incorporate 4 "submarine-like" circular hatch windows as specified by the customer. This Sanitation Station is currently in the first stages of manufacturing and has already had the doorways, HVAC, fan, and windows cut out.

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Check back for more updates as this build continues or contact Dropbox Inc. for a free quote and more product information.


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Dropbox Inc and the Sanitation Station- In High Demand

Posted on Fri, Feb 26, 2010 @ 11:02 AM

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Dropbox Inc is a custom container modification company that specializes in building numerous products out of Standard and High-Cube ISO Shipping containers. Dropbox's most popular product is the Running Water Restroom (RWR), Sanitation Station. The Sanitation Stations are essentially self-contained restroom trailersthat can be transported to construction projects to provide a higher level of hygiene for workers on site. By providing these units to customers across the US Dropbox Inc has been able to increase the overall sanitation at construction sites, military installations, and industrial facilities.

Sanitation Staiton, Restroom trailer, running water restroom trailer     

Over the past few weeks things have been busy for Dropbox Inc and From being written into specification documents for a construction project at a major university to landing sales for both custom container modifications and standard Sanitation Stations the people at Dropbox have worked relentlessly to provide prompt design and estimation services. Just this week a custom container modification for a running water restroom/shower combo with a men's restroom, a women's restroom, and an ADA compliant restroom with a toilet stall and a sink sold to a company in Southern California. This week alone has received 19 leads and sent out numerous quotes. A Standard Self Contained 4-1 Sanitation Station (4 men's toilet stalls and 1 women's toilet stall) is in the process of being shipped to a customer in Nebraska, and a 20' Non-Self Contained Running Water Restroom (RWR) is heading to a customer in Indiana.

For more information on Dropbox Inc., our standard models and custom container modification contact us here.

Dropbox Inc.,, Sanitation Station


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New Photo Galleries Under Construction at

Posted on Tue, Feb 09, 2010 @ 15:02 PM

In an effort to provide a better visual for our potential customers and container modification enthusiasts is currently under photo gallery construction. In the past a single large photo gallery that displayed on one page and try, often times unsuccessfully, to illustrate the sheer size and capabilities of Dropbox Inc. Check back regularly for updated photo galleries as they become available.

portable running water restroom, sanitation station, modular running water restroom, mobile running water restroom, self contained running water restroom

The first of the photo galleries to be improved was for the Sanitation Station. The Sanitation Station is a fully self contained running water restroom that is fully insulated with finished walls, spray-in, rubberized, non-skid flooring, HVACs and only requires a 220 single phase hook up to run. Once these units are on site they can be plumbed into existing water and sewer lines or the waste/fresh-water tanks located in its mechanical room can be utilized to make the unit self contained.

shower shack, portable showers, modular shower facility, mobile shower units

The second of the photo galleries that was improved was for the Shower Shack, which much like it's predecessor, the Sanitation Station, can be setup to be self contained or plumbed into existing water and sewer lines. The standard Shower Shack is essentially a modular shower room with 8 shower stalls, and 20 lockers that can be transported from location to location as construction companies move on to new projects.

decontamination shower, modular decontamination showers, mobile decontamination showers, portable decontamination showers

The third of the photo galleries that needed some work was for the Decontamination Station, which is a portable decontamination shower unit fully equipped with a dirty room, a shower room with 8 showers, and a clean room with 20 lockers. The Decontamination Station was built to give employees working in arsenic, lead, or asbestos contaminated areas to be able to remove contaminates and change into clean street clothes before leaving work. These units, like all Dropbox container modifications, come fully insulated and are climate controlled via two HVACs.

portable ground level office, modular office, mobile office, portable break room, modular break rooms

The last of the photo galleries to be improved in this first blast of revamping was the DropOffice gallery. These multi-functional units, like their predecessors, are fully insulated, have over head lighting, and come standard with electrical outlets for office/break room equipment. Probably one of the best features of the DropOffice is it's versatility: DropOffices can be used as modular offices, portable break rooms, office trailers, and even mobile living quarters.

Check back as the site and photo gallery will be continually updated.   

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DropBox, Inc. Notes Increased Interest in Flushable Restrooms on Construction Sites

Posted on Tue, Jan 19, 2010 @ 13:01 PM

running water portable restroom, portable toilet, modular restroom

DropBox, Inc. of Ironton, Ohio has noticed a huge increase in interest from construction site around the US in its Sanitation Station TM which is a mobile flushable restroom built into a shipping container (conex).

These Sanitation Stations TM are a self contained, flushable running water restroom facility and have quickly become very popular on construction and industrial sites throughout the US. These mobile restrooms are fully insulated with finished wall coverings, overhead lighting, spray in rubberized non-skid flooring and are climate controlled. Additionally, the units have 2100 gallon water tanks and 2100 gallon sewage or waste water tanks built inside the units so they can be place anywhere on a jobsite and can be serviced by any local portable toilet service provider.

Rob Slagel, Co President of DropBox, Inc. had this to say about the Sanitation Station TM "These self contained, mobile or modular flushable restrooms are quickly replacing a large number of conventional porta potty's  at large industrial and construction sites throughout the US.  The workers at these sites seem to be insisting on better hygiene and the running water that our modular restroom units provide help in a more hygienically pleasing environment." Running water flushable facilities are becoming standard on many sites and that is dually noted in one study at the Prairie State Project in Marissa, Illinois which boosts it site as "The Project of Choice" listing its number 1 reason for onsite worker satisfaction as "Quality facilities located throughout the site wash trailers, toilet facilities, and lunch trailers".   

Slagel says "We are pleased with the growth in sales that these units have enjoyed.  We do not see the interest in these units slowing anytime soon."

Find more information on the DropBox, Inc. mobile, flushablel self contained restrooms  visit us on line at  or contact us at 740.532.7822.

DropBox, Inc is a container conex smodification specialty company founded in 1999.  It served both the industrial and commercial sectors of the economy throughout the US and abroad. It is headquartered in Ironton, Ohio.

Tags: Decontamination Showers, Industrial Sites, Welding Station, Flushable Showers, Construction Sites, sanitation station, running water restroom, self contained restroom, shower shack, portable toilet, portable toilets