PSG Supports Braidy Industries' Vision of Economic Revitalization for the Tri-State Area

Posted on Tue, Aug 27, 2019 @ 14:08 PM

braidy 1President and CEO, Robert Slagel, was invited to Braidy Industries' headquarters in Ashland, Kentucky to discuss economic revitalization and how it specifically relates to the Tri-State area. Other attendees present included community leaders from the Ohio side of the river and Congressman Bill Johnson. During their visit, these Ohio leaders were given the opportunity to listen to Braidy staff members present information on what Braidy Industries' future plans are and how these plans can be carried across the bridge(s) into Ironton and beyond.

The presentations that were given included a tour of Braidy Industries, a discussion on the scope and vision of the mill project and supporting facilities, a discussion of the Braidy degree program at ACTC, and more.

The goal of Braidy Industries is for its Ashland development to have a positive economic impact on not only Kentucky, but Ohio and West Virginia as well. More specifically, the Ohio counties of Lawrence and Scioto, and the West Virginia counties of Cabell and Wayne. As stated in a report provided by Braidy Industries, "The region is economically interdependent and thousands of individuals cross state lines and the Ohio River every day to go to work."

According to the U.S. Census, an average of 3,404 individuals travel from Lawrence County, Ohio to jobs in Boyd County, Kentucky on a daily basis. This also includes 965 workers from Cabell County, West Virginia and 737 workers from Wayne County, West Virginia. These statistics support the fact that a number of Braidy Industries' employees are from Ohio and West Virginia and that their plans will have a major impact on these states.

Throughout the decades, the Tri-State area has seen more of an economic decline compared to the rest of the nation. However, Braidy Industries seeks to make a difference by introducing activities that will result in job creation and offering wages that are 20 to 25 percent above regional county averages. As a result, we could begin to see economic prosperity in Appalachia and the Tri-State area specifically.

Robert Slagel, and the rest of the PSG team, would like to thank Braidy Industries team for the opportunity to visit their headquarters and gain more insight on the company's plans for Appalachia and the Tri-State area. The top photo above includes:

      • Bob Peterson: Ohio Senator
      • Dave Shealy: Managing Director, Atlas Room Operations Center at Braidy Industries
      • Brian Baldridge: State Representative
      • Nate Haney: Senior Vice President, Government Relations at Brady Industries
      • Curtis Carson: Senior Vice President, Human Resources at Braidy Industries
      • Bill Johnson: U.S. Congressman
      • Robert Slagel: President & CEO of Portable Solutions Group
      • Megan Coffey: Executive Assistant to Robert Slagel
      • Julie Kavanaugh: Chief of Staff Administration & Executive Assistant to Craig Bouchard
      • Mark Johnson: President of Tri State Building Trades
For more information on Braidy Industries, click here to visit the company's website. And to learn more about DropBox Inc. and the products that we offer, CONTACT US HERE or call 740.532.7822.

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Robert Slagel Attends Taping of NBC Nightly News Segment at Ashland Community and Technical College

Posted on Thu, Aug 22, 2019 @ 14:08 PM

Robert Slagel, NBC Nightly News, Braidy Industries, ACTC

President and CEO of Portable Solutions Group, Robert Slagel, has two goals. The first one is to grow jobs in Appalachia. The second is to restore a level of hope to the people of Appalachia through direct or indirect job creation. Over the years, Slagel has been a leader in bringing economic prosperity back to Appalachia and specifically the Tri State area of Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia. As a result, he was invited to attend the taping of an upcoming NBC Nightly News segment with White House Correspondent, Geoff Bennett, at Ashland Community and Technical College (ACTC) in Ashland, Kentucky. "There was a lot of hope for Appalachia on campus today at ACTC," stated Slagel.

Slagel was also given the opportunity to learn more about a new program that will be offered to ACTC students beginning this fall from Craig Bouchard, President and CEO of Braidy Industries, and the rest of the Braidy team. 

During his visit to ACTC, Bouchard talked to numerous students about Braidy Industries and the Braidy degree program. The program will consist of three four-week internship opportunities at Brady Aluminum Mill where students will have hands-on training with pieces of the company’s equipment. The goal of this degree is to provide students with a set of skills that will allow them to work in technically advanced industrial settings. These skills include manufacturing principles, robotics, PLC programming, drive configuration, advanced electric motor control, critical thinking, communication skills, problem solving strategies, and troubleshooting techniques for the high tech equipment in the manufacturing industry. Braidy Industries will even consider hiring graduating students as full-time employees if they have completed the program and additional coursework with a 3.0 GPA or higher and meet other employment application requirements.

We here at DropBox Inc. are very excited to watch Applachia and the Tri State area continue to grow, and we look forward to the future!

Would you, or someone else you know, be interested in participating in the Braidy degree program? If so, click here to learn more and request additional information. And for more information on DropBox Inc. and its products, CONTACT US HERE or call 740.532.7822.




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