PSG Announces the 2019 Fourth Quarter Major Award Winner

Posted on Thu, Jan 09, 2020 @ 14:01 PM


DropBox Inc, MSSI, Portable Solutions Group, major award

In honor of hard work and a "can-do" attitude, Portable Solutions Group recognizes Roger Vanover as the 2019 fourth quarter recipient of its Major Award. Roger started as a manufacturing floor lead electrician and was promoted to floor manager at our Wurtland facility mid-2019. As a lead electrician, Roger worked on everything from basic MAC turnstiles and access control to complex energy storage solutions. As a floor manager, Roger has streamlined the Wurtland facility and helped better position the facility to support future company growth. Roger is a knowledgeable leader but also hands-on when needed.

Portable Solutions Group is closing its best year ever, and it would not be possible without Roger and his leadership. As we continue to grow, Roger will continue to play an important role in the company. We'd like to congratulate Roger for winning the Major Award and wish him continued success with our family of companies.

Tags: DropBox Inc, MSSI, Portable Solutions Group, major award