PSG Prepares for Coronavirus by Purchasing a Surplus of Materials

Posted on Tue, Mar 10, 2020 @ 08:03 AM

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Since 2020 first began, cases of coronavirus have been increasing and causing global travel to be disrupted. As a result, the exporting of goods from various countries has rapidly decreased. This has caused the global shipping container trade to be affected by delivery delays due to calls to certain ports being reduced and shipments being re-routed.

So what does this mean for PSG and its family of companies? Well, as the spread of coronavirus began to cause these issues, our companies began to discuss how they could best prepare for the delay. By doing so, they are now prepared to complete future builds for customers during the outbreak. 

Ronnie Kearns, Head of Manufacturing and Procurement, said, "In a effort to protect our customers, due to delayed shipping of materials from overseas, PSG reached out to steel and container vendors to evaluate their stock levels of materials forecasted for future builds. In doing this, we found that there was an expected shortage of materials due to delays in shipments to our suppliers. Working with our suppliers, we were able to purchase enough material to protect upcoming orders for our customers for the next several months."

At Portable Solutions Group, we ensure that our customers receive their products in a quick and efficient manner no matter what challenges we may face. Through years of experience within numerous industries, we have become a leader in shipping container modification and are always prepared by being one step ahead. As a result, we are Reinventing the Box™ for customers all around the world!

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Tags: DropBox Inc, shipping container modifications, MSSI, Portable Solutions Group, Portable Solutions Manufacturing, coronavirus