DropBox Website is Given a Brand New Design!

Posted on Tue, Jan 07, 2020 @ 09:01 AM

shipping container modification, DropBox Inc, dropboxinc.com, ReinventingTheBox

As DropBox Inc. enters into the new decade, we felt that it would be appropriate to celebrate with a new website design! From updated information to easier navigation, DropBoxInc.com will provide customers with a new experience when searching our website for their shipping container modification needs. 

With hard work and dedication from the DropBox team, we have redesigned the website to properly showcase each product that our company has to offer. The goal is for customers to be able to have the proper amount of information from the website where they can make an informed decision about which product they need for their specific project. Once that decision has been made, they can then call one of our experienced sales associates to begin the process of obtaining their very own DropBox product. 

We are very excited about the launching of the new website and would like to thank every member of the team for their contributions. We believe that this redesign has allowed us to tell customers who we are as a company and what our story is in a new, creative way!

For more information on DropBox Inc. and its products, CONTACT US HERE or call 740.532.7822 to speak to a sales associate.


Tags: shipping container modification, DropBox Inc, dropboxinc.com, ReinventingTheBox