DropBox Inc. Provides Modular Chemistry Labs for Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream Sectors of the LNG Industry

Posted on Thu, Aug 15, 2019 @ 13:08 PM

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As natural gas goes through the process of liquefaction, it must be sent through multiple sectors. These sectors are called Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream. Because DropBox Inc. is getting more involved with the LNG industry, we have built modular labs that are able to meet the needs of each of these sectors. But before we could provide modular labs to the companies within this industry, it was important for our company to understand what each sector was responsible for during the LNG process. Today's blog will be discussing what exactly happens in the Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream sectors. 

The Upstream sector of the LNG industry refers to the exploration and production of natural gas.

People that are employed by this section of the industry include geologists, geophysicists, service rig operators, engineering firms, scientists, and seismic/drilling contractors. Within this sector, these employees are looking for areas where minerals can be found and obtained. Once those minerals are located, the area is drilled into in order to bring any natural gas up to the surface. This sector also includes services such as rig operations, feasibility studies, machinery rental, and extraction of chemical supply.

The Midstream sector refers to the transportation and storage of natural gas.

Before the natural gas can be used to make many of the products that we purchase, it must be transported from the Upstream sector to the Downstream sector. This is where the Midstream sector comes into play. The Midstream sector of the LNG industry includes pipelines and everything else that's needed to move the natural gas long distances. This includes pumping stations, tank trucks, rail tank cars, and transcontinental tankers.

The Downstream sector involves the processing, selling, and distribution of natural gas based products. 

The Downstream sector is the final step in the production process. This sector is responsible for everything that happens to the natural gas post production. The employees that are in this sector are natural gas processors. Their responsibility is to take the finished products to consumers and market/distribute those products. Many of the products that come directly from downstream production include diesel, natural gas, gasoline, heating oil, lubricants, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and propane.

DropBox Inc. offers modular labs that provide LNG producers with the proper environments for each sector of the production process.

Transportable and site-ready for connection to power, water, and sewer, our customizable, modular labs are fully equipped to meet the specific needs of the producers of natural gas, LNGs, crude oil, refined products, and petrochemicals. The quick installation of these labs reduces weather delays, moisture getting into project materials resulting in mold contamination, and on-site traffic from workers, equipment, and suppliers. By providing cleanroom process areas and laboratory/R&D space, DropBox Inc. is able to give lab technicians the ability to perform their work duties and quality control protocols in a remote setting. This in includes the ability to have the lab be an open area or contain specific zones for use separation. 

As our President and CEO, Robert Slagel, always says, "If you can think it, we can put it in a box!"

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