DropBox Inc. Portable Welding Testing and Training in a Container

Posted on Thu, Apr 07, 2016 @ 08:04 AM

DropBox Inc. has been modifying ISO (International Standards Organization) shipping containers into a wide range of products since its' inception in 2002. Developing standard DropOffices, containerized restrooms, and showers with self contained holding tanks for fresh and waste water DropBox Inc. has been able to deliver custom turn-key products to customer in both the commercial and industrial construction industries. Utilizing ISO shipping containers to create custom containerized products is the lifeblood of our business. 

Using engineers and CAD draftsmen, we can design and build ISO shipping containers at a significant savings to stick built structures that can't be easily transported from one job to the next. Whether you need restrooms, showers, office space, or custom welding training facilities like those featured in this weeks blog DropBox Inc. has the expertise and knowledge to build the custom shipping container modification solution you need.   

These containerized welding training stations from DropBox Inc. include a climate controlled environment with 6 individual welding station stalls, ventilation, and all the needed equipment for onsite welding training and testing operations. These units come with fume extraction and gas supply lines already piped. These portable welding training stations can be delivered fully stocked with welders or can be delivered without welders based on customers needs. 


The custom ISO shipping container shown here is equipped with six Individual Welding Training cubicles with fire extinguishers, a Miller XMT 350 welder, a fume extraction box, Welding curtain, conduit for electrical and gas lines, and telescoping extraction arms. The walls and ceiling of the unit is insulated with R11 fiberglass insulation, plywood, and flat black 22ga Galvanneal metal. Once delivered to the customers location it will be hooked to power and put in use as a portable welding training and testing facility.

For more information about our Portable Welding Training Stations CONTACT US HERE or call us toll free at 888-388-7768. 

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