DropBox Inc. Continues to Reinvent the Box with Portable Bus Stops

Posted on Tue, Sep 17, 2019 @ 10:09 AM

bus stop collage

If you can think it, we can turn into a box! As DropBox Inc. continues to grow and develop, our employees find new ways to create custom shipping container products for companies all across the U.S. in order to meet their job sites' specific needs. From our running water restrooms to our modular chemistry labs, we can take a standard ISO shipping container and turn it into something innovative. In other words, we are Reinventing the Box!

So how has DropBox Inc. reinvented the box this time? By turning shipping containers into portable bus stops! These portable bus stops are being shipped to a location in Nevada and will be used to hold employees who are waiting for their company bus to take them to their project site. Since these employees are required to work day and night shifts, the bus stops also include solar panels on top of them to use the sun's energy to light the boxes at night for extra safety measures. 

This is not only exciting for DropBox Inc. because it's a new product variation, but also because Shane Meadows' (pictured above) closed his very first sale that he made as a DropBox Sales Representative! When asked about this sale, Meadows was very excited. "It was an excellent learning experience and I had a great customer to deal with. The entire staff at PSG was so helpful with answering questions and working with me throughout the whole closing process. It was a wonderful feeling seeing how excited the whole staff was for me to close on my first sale," he said. 

We would like to congratulate Shane Meadows on officially closing his first sale that he made with the company. Looking towards the future, DropBox Inc. and its employees are eager to continue taking on new projects and finding new ways to reinvent the box!

For more information on DropBox Inc.'s standard and customizable products, CONTACT US HERE or call 740.532.7822. 

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