DropBox Inc. and Mobile Modular Partner in BRM Rental Business

Posted on Mon, Aug 20, 2018 @ 08:08 AM

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DropBox Inc. and Mobile Modular Partner in BRM Rental Business

DropBox Inc. has some VERY BIG news to share! Mobile Modular Management Corporation recently acquired the Blast Resistant Module (BRM) rental fleet from DropBox, Inc. and will continue to partner with DropBox, Inc. to meet your temporary blast resistant office and storage needs.  As a leading provider of modular buildings, Mobile Modular is excited to serve the valued customers of DropBox, Inc. BRM rentals. Mobile Modular currently has 17 locations throughout the United States.


New business name. The company will operate the BRM rental business under the Mobile Modular brand. You’ll soon see sales, customer service, and billing correspondence under the new name.

Additional modular building choices. DropBox Inc. and Mobile Modular can’t wait to show you our customizable modular solutions. From standard classrooms, to complexes and office buildings, we have a variety of sizes and designs for all of your modular needs.

We can ship to you. Mobile Modular’s blast resistant modular (BRM) rental fleet serves the lower forty-eight states, providing you access to a larger fleet of modular units. With more modular solutions in the market, we can provide better service in the communities where your business operates.

Customer care and billing. If you have an existing BRM module on rent with the DropBox brand, not much will change. You can rest assured that we are committed to providing the same high level of service and support. Your invoices will soon come from Mobile Modular and your remittance address will change.


We know great service is your top priority and it’s ours as well. Mobile Modular is backed by a strong financial profile, allowing us the opportunity to invest in new equipment, new solutions, and innovative services to continue to meet all of your business needs.

Questions? Visit Mobile Modular at mobilemodular.com/brm or call toll free 866.508.0340 for details, accessories, billing, payments and account services.

Mobile Modular and DropBox Inc. are committed to delivering an excellent service experience, high-quality solutions, quick turn-around and reliability.

While we encourage our BRM rental customers to CONTACT MOBILE MODULAR about renting Blast Resistant Modules, DropBox Inc. will continue to sell Blast Resistant Modules to end users.

If you are an end user and would like to learn more about purchasing Blast Resistant Modules or any of our shipping container modifications CONTACT US HERE or call us at 740.532.7822.

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