DropBox Inc. A Major Award Has Been... Ah... Well... Awarded

Posted on Mon, Oct 24, 2016 @ 14:10 PM

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At DropBox Inc., a Portable Solutions Group Company, we build a lot of things out of shipping containers. From ground-level offices to self-contained restrooms to complex inverter/battery storage solutions, we deliver our portable containerized products to customers around the world. With all the engineering, designing, cutting, welding, drilling, hammering, caulking, cleaning, shipping, and delivering, it's serious business – and we take it very seriously. Even with all that seriousness, we still like to take time to poke a little fun at ourselves while congratulating colleagues on their personal successes.

Without the hard work of a long line of employees on the manufacturing floor and in the office spaces in all of our locations (Ironton, Ohio and Worthington and Wurtland, Kentucky), all of our companies’ overall success would not be possible. 

In recognition of hard work and a "can-do" attitude, Portable Solutions Group and DropBox Inc. began awarding a “Major Award” akin to the major award received by "The Old Man" (Ralphie's dad) in 1983's A Christmas Story. The award has been given on a quarterly basis for a little over a year now. Previous winners have included Lisa Fryer, Jason Parlato, Robert Slagel, Jeremy Hamm, and Matthew Vonderheide.

The winner for the 3rd Quarter of 2016 is our very own Megan Coffey. Megan joined the PSG Team in the fall of 2015 and has made a tremendous impact as Executive Assistant to the CEO, Robert Slagel. In addition to handling most of the incoming calls to our companies, Megan functions as Mr. Slagel’s personal assistant and has taken on many tasks including but definitely not limited to guest reception, company-wide calendar management, coordinating meals for meetings and special events, office supplies orders, running errands for various members of our team, customer care, a variety of clerical functions, and even the occasional editing of marketing materials.

We'd like to Congratulate Megan for receiving the 3rd Quarter Major Award and wish her all the success possible moving forward with PSG and its group of companies.

Congratulations, Megan!

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