DropBox Inc. Milvans, Shipping Containers, and Conex Box Mods

Posted on Fri, Sep 20, 2013 @ 12:09 PM

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ISO shipping containers, milvans, and conex boxes are built to withstand the most extreme weather conditions and are durable enough to carry large loads of goods. These containers are manufactured to meet international standards and modular sizes. They can be moved over water via ships as well as railroads and highways. Given the durability and strength of these containers they can even be stacked on top of one another. However beneficial these containers may be the cost of shipping empty containers back to major exporters to the U.S. is so high they are quickly collecting and sitting unused at many ports around the U.S. This abundance of unused ISO Shipping containers, milvans, and connex boxes makes them ideal for recycling and a second life. 

The most common ISO Shipping container, conex box, or milvan as they are called are 20'0" or 40'0" long; 8'0" wide and 8'6" tall. A taller type called the "high cube" container is available at 9'6" tall. Extended containers are also available in 45', and 53', lengths but are in limited availability given their rarity.These shipping containers are built using a steel tube frame and corrugated 16 guage corten steel, which makes them not only very durable but also strong enough to hold up well in every climate. The floors in these conex container and milvans are built from a very strong and durable 1 1/8" thick marine grade plywood that is meant to last a very very long time. The standardized nature of the materials shipping containers are built from makes these units pretty much weather tight, immune to mold, rodents, bugs and vandalism. 

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