DropBox Inc. Conex Container, Milvan, and Sea Can Modifications

Posted on Thu, Sep 05, 2013 @ 13:09 PM

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At DropBox Inc. customization and customer specific needs are met with the utmost of attention. Working directly with our customers on a design/build plan that is approved on all fronts by engineers and our customers DropBox Inc. has helped provide a wide range of shipping container modifications for customers all around the world. Spanning across multiple industries from major industrial and commercial construction companies in need of portable restrooms, showers, and office facilities to highly customized units for the Department of Energy and Department of Defense DropBox Inc. has an impressive customer base. Using shipping containers, conex boxes, sea van, or milvans by any number of names we have been able to provide portable solutions that are easily transported from one location to another as needed. 
custom container modification,shipping container modification,milvan modification,connex container modification,DropBox Inc,containerized office,custom ISO shipping container modification, shipping container modificationsDue to the standardization of the ISO shipping containers shipping is no problem for DropBox Inc. Build custom container modifications from standard 8' x 20' and 8' x 40' containers as well as "high cube" containers (9'6" tall vs. the standard 8'6") DropBox Inc. has also been able to meet customers needs by stick building modules that are 10' and 12' wide.
A major benefit to our customers is the "turn-key" aspect of our products. With a 4-6 week lead time on most products DropBox Inc. can deliver a containerized, portable solution that can be delivered and put in use with relative easy, saving both time and money for our customers. 
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Tags: shipping container modification, DropBox Inc, shipping container modifications, milvan modification, connex container modification, custom container modification, custom ISO shipping container modification, containerized office