DropBox Inc. Shower Shacks Containerized Portable Shower Units

Posted on Fri, Nov 22, 2013 @ 15:11 PM

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The Shower Shack from DropBox Inc. gives your construction site the ability to offer the employees on the job a state of the art shower facility. These units offer a climate controlled, sanitary environment for workers to shower before leaving the jobsite for the day. These units are commercially designed to handle the rigorous environment of industrial and commercial construction projects. Standard models come equipped with full height privacy shower stalls, push button time release faucets, large capacity hot water heaters, and a proven successful industrial design. 
Ideal for remote locations where access to water and waste lines are not immediately available these portable shower shacks come with "self contained" tanks built into each unit. With a holding capacity for both fresh and waste water these units can easily be serviced the same as most standard portable toilets. With minimum setup required on site these units sit ground level and require no blocking, stairs, or other concerns faced by more "trailer" like units. 
Most units offered from DropBox Inc. come with 4-8 shower stalls but can be customized based on customers site specific needs.
Do you need a portable shower on your Job?
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Tags: DropBox Inc, shower shack, dropboxinc.com, portable shower trailer, portable shower container, containerized shower trailer, modular shower trailer, containerized shower unit