DropBox Inc. Containerized Offices, Office Trailers, and Break Rooms

Posted on Tue, Sep 18, 2012 @ 15:09 PM

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DropBox Inc. has just recently sent a number of quotes to customers in the United States and abroad for containerized office trailers or "DropOffices" as we like to call them. These fully insulated shipping container modifications a the perfect place for workers on major industrial construction projects to take breaks and have meetings. Given the use of ISO shipping containers these portable offices fit to standardized shipping sizes and can be delivered on a flatbed or roll-off tractor trailer. Once they arrive on site these construction office trailers can be offloaded using a large fork lift or crane and are easily hooked to 220 single phase for power.
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DropBox Inc. has established a reputation for building dependable, easily transported, containerized solutions for commercial and industrial construction markets. By providing products that meet the customers every need DropBox Inc. has become the one stop shop for comes to furnishing jobsites with the shipping container modifications need to make the projects go smooth. Our company has roots planted firmly throughout the industry and a listening ear to heartbeat of what is needed. With everything from containerized restrooms, showers, and offices to modular laboratories and work stations DropBox Inc. has the portable solution for you. 
Give us a try and we're sure that you will be surprised with the results.
For more information on DropBox Inc., visit us at www.dropboxinc.com. Also feel free to contact us here or call 740.532.7822.


Tags: DropBox Inc, shipping container modifications, DropOffice, office trailer, construction site office trailer, containerized office, modular office, portable office