DropBox Inc. Has ISO Shipping Containers and Milvans for Sale

Posted on Thu, Jul 05, 2012 @ 11:07 AM

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DropBox Inc., as many know, is an ISO shipping container modification company that specializes in custom designed portable solutions for a number of site specific needs. What some may not know is that DropBox Inc. can also sell ISO shipping containers, both new and used, for customers to use as onsite storage or to modify themselves. Whether a customer needs a 20' or 40' "standard" (8' wide x 8' 6" tall) or "high cube" containers (8' wide x 9' 6" tall) DropBox Inc. can find the shipping container you need.

DropBox Inc, shipping container sales, conex container, milvan container, iso shipping container DropBox Inc. recently recieved shipment of eight (8) ISO shipping containers for immediate sale. These 20' long conex containers are considered "standard" in that their length and width (20' long x 8' wide) are typical sizes for most ISO shipping containers, but these specific units are 9' 6" tall or "high cube" containers.

Like all ISO shipping containers that DropBox Inc. and sister company MSSI use for shipping container modifications to build products these milvans are "one-trippers" and classified as new. All of these containers are ship worthy ISO shipping containers with marine grade plywood flooring and 16 guage corten steel construction.

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For more information on purchasing an ISO shipping container from DropBox Inc. feel free to contact us here or call 740.532.7822. Also Check back as our Blog is regularly updated.  

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