DropBox Inc. Builds Milvan Modifications for the U.S. Military

Posted on Mon, Apr 16, 2012 @ 15:04 PM

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DropBox Inc. is off to a great start in 2012. With the first quarter of the year already behind us we have seen a significant influx of business early this year and only anticipate more orders over the next few months. The manufacturing floor in Worthington, Ky has reached near compacity in the month of April. With both DropBox Inc. and Modular Security Systems Inc. units in various stages of production the entire floor space in the 50,000 square foot building is almost nearly consumed. Milvans, connex boxes, insulation, plumbing, eletrical equipment and all the tools needed to manufacture shipping container modifications of all kinds currently fill the shop floor.

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This week in the shipping container modification blog DropBox Inc. is proud to announce that we recently received purchase orders for portable, self contained, climate controlled restrooms and containerized chemical storage units. These custom milvan modifications will be used by the military in support of a number of operations in the U.S. and overseas.     

dropbox inc, milvan modifications, connex container modifications, shipping container modification"Our Sanitation Station with their portabilty and self containment is an obvious match for our military troops and their need to be mobile yet able to operate in remote settings. The containerized restrooms we build can be plumbed into existing water and sewer lines, or remain self contained using their tanks, and they can also be powered via a generator if needed. It's hard to beat their versatility." stated Matt Vonderheide, DropBox Inc. Business Manager.

By building containerized products from ISO shipping containers DropBox Inc. can provide solutions that can be delivered to any site world wide, dropped into place, and quickly put to use. For more information on DropBox Inc. and all of our Products feel free to contact us and check back as our Shipping Container Modification Blog is regularly updated.

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