DropBox Inc. Connex Container Modifications of Many Names

Posted on Thu, Apr 12, 2012 @ 11:04 AM

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Over the years DropBox Inc. has manufactured conex containers into a number of portable solutions for customers all around the world. In places as close to home as the United States and as far away as South America, Greenland, Europe, Africa, and parts of the middle east customers continue to come back to DropBox Inc. for both standard and customized ISO shipping container modifications. In the 10 years that DropBox Inc. has been doing business we've heard ISO Shipping containers called a number of things.

Listed here are some of the many things we've heard used to describe our containers over the years.

Shipping Container Sales                         Shipping Container Modifications

Customized Containers                            Steel Containers

Restroom Containers                               Refrigerated Containers

Shower Containers                                 Office Containers

Intermodal Containers                             Marine Containers

Secure Storage Containers                     Flatrack Containers

Milvans                                                     Seasonal Storage

Cargo Containers                                   Conex Container

Open Top Containers                              Freight Containers  

On-Site Storage Containers                     Portable Storage Containers

Whatever the name you give them DropBox Inc. can modify these containers to meet your every need. From water purification and bottling units for use in the Middle East to Self Contained, Climate Controlled, Flushable restrooms with showers, toilets, sinks and urinals for remote construction sites DropBox Inc. has the solution for you.

For more information on DropBox Inc. and all of our shipping container modifications feel free to Contact Us and check back as our Blog is updated regularly.                     

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