DropBox Inc. Builds Containerized Decontamination Shower

Posted on Tue, Jan 31, 2012 @ 13:01 PM


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DropBox Inc. just recently completed construction of this 40' Decontamination Station that was built to be added to the rental fleet of Johnny on the Spot, the first of 4 companies founded under the Portable Solutions Group, Inc. umbrella. This portable decon shower by DropBox Inc. is the first of its kind and can be set up to be either a 3 or 5 zone decontamination shower facility. In this weeks blog we will make use of a couple short videos to illustrate the ease with which a containerized decon shower by DropBox Inc. can be loaded and shipped to numerous locations throughout the lifetime of the product.

This first video of the Decontamination Station shows how easily a fork lift can pick up and move one of these portable decon showers from one location to the next. By building portable solutions from ISO shipping containers that come in standard sizes with standard features DropBox Inc. is able to utilize the corner castings and fork lift pockets for transport purposes. 

The second video shows how one of these units would be loaded onto a standard tractor trailer for delivery to it's end user.

By building containerized products from ISO shipping containers DropBox Inc. can provide solutions that can be delivered to any site world wide, dropped into place, and quickly put to use. For more information on DropBox Inc. and all of our Products feel free to contact us and check back as our Shipping Container Modification Blog is regularly updated.

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