DropBox Inc. Decon. Shower Shipping Container Modifications

Posted on Thu, Aug 25, 2011 @ 09:08 AM


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Over the past few weeks DropBox Inc. has reported in the Shipping Container Modification Blog on the construction of a new Decontamination Station that will be built out of 2 ISO shipping containers. This week DropBox Inc. has nearly completed construction on this new custom ISO shipping container modification for the portable decon shower. This modular decon. shower unit was constructed from two 40' high cube containers that have been cut down to 28' in length to match customer specified dimensions.

This custom Decontamination Station has been fully insulated, wired for electric, and has been designed to be plumbed into existing water and sewer lines on site. It has a hepa HVAC system supporting positive and negative air flows, a ten and twenty micron water filtration system to remove contaminates. Like all Decontamination Stations by DropBox Inc. this unit has a dirty room, showers, and a clean room with lockers for employee uniforms and clean PPE.

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This custom shipping container modification also has a helmet and respirator wash station with a nozzle for particulate removal located at eye level. Unlike previous decon showers by DropBox Inc. this unit will also have 2 pass thru cabinets to transfer cleaned PPE from the cleaning stations to the clean room.

For more information on DropBox Inc. and all of our custom shipping container modifications check back as our Blog is regularly updated.

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