DropBox Inc. Looks at the Various Uses of ISO Shipping Containers

Posted on Thu, Sep 02, 2010 @ 14:09 PM

Shower Shack Floor Plan, Shower Shack, modular shower facility

In thinking about the wide array of uses for ISO Shipping Containers a number of things come to mind. Obviously a shipping container can be use for, well, shipping. As nearly 7.5 million shipping containers enter the United States every year from various countries around the world and only 2.5 million get sent back in a mode of transportation for exports a stock pile of gargantuain proportions builds. This surplus has lead to the start up of a number of container modification companies like DropBox Inc. that manufacture anything from self storage units, modular offices, portable running water restrooms, and shower facilities in single "box" builds.

Containerized Shower/Restoom, modular restroom with showers, modular self-contained restroom

Some companies have even expanded these units into multi ISO shipping container modifications from MOUT training facilities for the military, hotels for commercial purposes, museums, gymnasiums, and housing developments.

Modular restroom unit, modular restroom, portable running water restrooms

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