DropBox, Inc. Acheives Success with its Mobile Decontamination Shower

Posted on Tue, Aug 24, 2010 @ 11:08 AM

Decontamination Station, decontamination shower, containerized decontamination shower
Earlier this year DropBox, Inc. went to market with the newest running water product in its increasing line of containerized, self- contained products.  This shipping container modification is called the Decontamination Station and is taking the industry by storm.  The modular decontamination shower is designed to handle the particulate matter associated with Lead, Asbestos, Arsenic, and hexofloric chromium removal.

Rob Slagel, Co-President of DropBox, Inc.  had this to say about the new Decontamination Station; “if a contractor is looking to abate hexofloric chromium, lead, arsenic or asbestos the Decon shower by DropBox,Inc. is just what they need.  These units are designed to be plumbed into existing water and sewer lines. They can also be accompanied by a seperate Tanks Box with fresh water and gray water tanks to make the unit self-contained. This decon shower contains filtration systems designed to remove the particulate matter of lead, asbestos, arsenic or hexofloric chromium from shower water.  This ground level shower unit, made from a modified conex container, is a nice alternative to the mobile decon showers that  have been on the market for years.  The traditional decontamination shower is built from a trailer on wheels requiring steps and poses a falling hazard on site.”

decontamination station, decon shower, modular decon shower, portable decontamination shower

This new connex container decontamination shower is being used to abate arsenic, hexoflorix chromium, lead and asbestos on industrial job sites for customers such as AEP, Marathon Petroleum, MMI, Brand  Energy and Infrastructure and others.

Find more information on the Decontamination Station visit us online at www.dropboxinc.com  or contact us here or reach Matt Vonderheide  toll free at 888-388-7768.

DropBox, inc. is a container modification specialist company providing industry with modular, containerized, solutions in a big blue box.

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