Dropbox begins cutting on a Custom Modification

Posted on Tue, Mar 23, 2010 @ 09:03 AM

For Dropbox Inc. the opportunity to offer customers a custom solution for their needs is always an exciting prospect. This week cutting began on a custom running water restroom with a men's room, women's room and an ADA compliant restroom. This custom container modification will have 2 men's toilet stalls, 2 urinals, a shower, and a sink in the men's room, 1 women's toilet stall, 1 shower, and a sink in the women's room, and a handicap accessible restroom with 1 toilet and a sink.

running water restroom, portable restroom trailer, custom container modification

In addition to the custom floor plan this portable running water restroom will be built to incorporate 4 "submarine-like" circular hatch windows as specified by the customer. This Sanitation Station is currently in the first stages of manufacturing and has already had the doorways, HVAC, fan, and windows cut out.

custom container modification, running water restroom, toilet shower combo unit   sanitation station, running water restroom, shower/restroom combo, self contained restroom

Check back for more updates as this build continues or contact Dropbox Inc. for a free quote and more product information.


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