DropBox Inc. Custom Containerized Office Space for Major Projects

Posted on Thu, Sep 11, 2014 @ 10:09 AM

 DropBox Inc., custom ISO shipping container modification, custom shipping container modification, containerized work station, shipping container office, DropOfficeDropBox Inc. builds custom containerized offices and other work environments for customers involved in major industrial and commercial construction projects. With a wide range of capabilities and a commitment to meeting our customers site specific needs DropBox Inc. has built custom ISO shipping container modifications that can be found on major construction projects all around the world. Through our engineering, design, and manufacturing professionals we have been able to work with customers requiring office space, work space, and complex custom shipping container modifications for storage of everything from job site tools to integrated battery and inverter systems. By building our containerized work stations from the ISO shipping container as its' base DropBox Inc. has been able to build products that are rugged, durable, and portable from job site to job site.

Utilizing the portability of shipping containers DropBox Inc. manufactured units can be used for the duration of one project and easily be relocated to another job upon it's completion. To move these containerized office and work space solutions all that is required is a fork lift or crane and a flatbed truck or a roll off tractor trailer.

Plug and Play: With a turn-key design little-to-no onsite work is required to install a DropBox Inc. provided shipping container modification. These units can be placed on a number of surfaces including hard packed gravel, concrete, asphalt, and even unprepared grass or dirt plots. Once the units are in place a connection to power is all that is required and these portable office and work stations are ready to be used for their intended functions.

custom shipping container modification,DropOffice,shipping container office,DropBox Inc.,containerized work station,custom ISO shipping container modificationClimate controlled and insulated to meet the needs of the job site these containerized work stations and office spaces provide all the amenities typically found in stick built structure. With portable offices and work stations in the most extreme environments including the severe heat of dessert like locations and the extreme cold of near arctic locations DropBox Inc. has met the needs of its' customers time and time again.

DropBox Inc. has and extensive customer/clientel list and works with some of the biggest names in commercial and industrial construction.

For more information on DropBox Inc. and all of our ISO shipping container modification capabilities CONTACT US HERE or call us toll free at 888.388.7768. 

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