DropBox Inc. Businesses Built in Shipping Container Modifications

Posted on Tue, Dec 17, 2013 @ 13:12 PM

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This week at the Shipping Container Modification Blog we are going to be taking another look at some businesses that have incorporated the use of portable ISO shipping container modifications into their business plan. All across the United States and around the world companies have been making use of the massive surplus of shipping containers available at ports and harbors. The portability, standard sizes, and strength of these boxes make perfect building blocks for a number of uses. Here at DropBox Inc. we have built a wide range of containerized solutions for industrial and commercial construction companies. We are genuinely enthused by all of the possibilities provided by shipping container modifications built by all of the shipping container modification companies and architectural firms around the world.  

shipping container modification,milvan modification,DropBox Inc.,shipping container modifications
Times Square, New York City 
Two Montreal based architectural firms combined their efforts to turn this shipping container modification into a self-sufficient, off the grid food stand/restaurant. Complete with holding tanks for fresh and waste water, a hybrid power system combining batteries and a generator for colder months. This 20' ISO shipping container modification provides everything that's required to attract a steady stream of customers including a custom paint job and signage that stands out even in one of the most visually stimulating areas of the world, Times Square. 
shipping container modification,milvan modification,DropBox Inc.,shipping container modifications
San Franscico 
This 20' shipping container modification houses a full functioning pizzeria that has been fitted onto a heavy duty truck chasis. Complete with a full kitchen and wood burning traditional italian style oven this shipping container modification provides the perfect combination of portability and functionality for the traveling business. Owner and creator, Jon Darsky, worked four designers and spent an estimated $180,000 to build this one of a kind pizzeria that can churn out traditional italian pizzas in about one minute. 
Built from four recycled ISO shipping containers this custom shipping container modification is the first ever of its' kind for Starbucks. This drive thru and walk-up store was conceptualized by the companies history of imports of coffee and tea from abroad. In an effort to keep items used throughout the supply chain and out of the waste dump this shipping container modification has sparked debate on how Starbucks can increase the number of shipping container modifications for future locations. 

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