Energy Storage Solutions

What are Energy Storage Solutions (ESS)?

Energy Storage Solutions are a means in which organizations such as companies, campuses, and utilities create a more robust energy infrastructure. Energy can be stored for later use utilizing various technologies. Typical requests include electrochemical (batteries), thermal, mechanical, and hydrogen. Each technology provides a different solution to meet an organization's energy needs.

What we do

DropBox, Inc. partners with customers to efficiently package and integrate energy storage solutions. We utilize a modular philosophy that allows our customers to scale energy capacity dependent upon the project's needs. The same modular structure has been used to manufacture energy storage solutions from 250 kWh to 4.5 MWh. The modular approach allows us to support our customers with faster engineering and design solutions in a quickly changing market. We review the customer provided battery technology and controls, thermal loads, fire suppression, and auxiliary systems to provide the most efficient package dimensions and still maintain accessibility. We have integrated packages from small-scale local building deployments to grid-scale solutions with both energy storage and grid-tie equipment.