Custom Solutions

The DropBox Inc. Design and Engineering Team can modify any of our current products or start from scratch to meet your specific requirements. To discuss your own custom solution with one of our sales associates, please fill out the request form below or call 740.532.7822.

PVD Process Facility

pvd processing facility-1

ODR Straddle Carrier

on-dock rail nuclear scanner-1

Energy Storage Solution

custom battery storage

Battery Charging Stations

Lithium battery ion charging stations

20' MCC Enclosure

MCC enclosure-1

Custom Modular Lab

custom modular lab

Decontamination Stations

decontamination stations

Energy Storage Solution


Ethylene Oxide Modular Lab

ethylene oxide lab

1624 Shelters

1624 Shelters

20' HSRL Container

20 HSRL Container

Security Enclosure

Security Enclosure

HEAF Chemical Storage Container

HEAF Container