12' x 40' BRM OPEN FLOOR PLAN                       12' x 20' BRM OPEN FLOOR PLAN

12 x 40 BRM566556.jpg   BRM 20 x 12456456546.jpg

12' x 40' BRM TOOL CRIB                                   12' x 40' BRM OFFICES W/RESTROOM

BRM TOOL CRIB156156.jpg  BRM-Restroom165156.jpg

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DropBox Inc. BRM Floor Plans

At DropBox Inc. we are not just your average shipping container modification company. While we offer a standardized line of shipping container modifications to our customers we are not locked into a standard product line where the options to our customers are limited. We offer a team of inhouse engineers and CAD draftsmen that can provide custom solutions. Above are just a few of the BRM options that we offer. Thinking of a BRM you don't see here? Fret not, DropBox Inc. can design, engineer, and build the custom BRM you need that is PE Certified 1.5 PSI to 8 PSI Over Pressure Rating, climate controlled, portable, and multi functional. 

  • Customizable floor plans & sizes
  • PE Certified 1.5, 3.0, 5.0, 8.0, 10.0PSI Over Rating
  • 12' wide models to maximize space on job sites
  • Site to site portability 
  • Climate Control
  • Rent or Sale
  • Blast Resistant Offices
  • Blast Resistant Break Rooms
  • Blast Resistant Tool Cribs
Download Our BRM Flyer Here:
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