DropBox Inc. Offers Custom Modified, Designed, & Engineered Products

Posted on Thu, Nov 29, 2018 @ 10:11 AM

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DropBox Inc. Offers Custom Modified, Designed, & Engineered Products
DropBox Inc. offers custom shipping container modifications that are exceptionally designed and engineered to meet our customers’ site-specific needs. Because of the steel building block that is an ISO shipping container, we begin with the perfect building block for turn-key, portable solutions for a wide range of products. Shipping containers are built to withstand the harsh conditions of ocean travel and are suitable for every environment on the planet. DropBox Inc. can take the standard shipping container and modify it into almost anything imaginable.

While typical shipping containers have doors that open on one end we are not restricted in the addition of multiple entry points for our container modifications. The other three sides of the container and even the top of the box are solid corrugated steel that can be modified to meet your site-specific needs. In order to provide additional structural integrity, we reinforce our modifications to meet modular building codes.

When designing and engineering our shipping container modifications we take great care in consideration of the final use of the product. 

We offer: Quality Craftsmanship – DropBox Inc. performs all our modifications and repairs at one of our manufacturing facilities in Worthington and Wurtland Kentucky. Our modifications are performed according to the highest standards to ensure that your container modification product will endure years of use.

We provide simple and complex modifications. By installing man-doors, or roll-up doors we can make accessing contents in a container more convenient and easy. More complex or extensive modifications and additions can transform the container into any number of high-end commercial or industrial construction products. 

When you work with DropBox Inc. the modification of shipping containers and delivery of a turn-key product is completed prior to being delivered to your site. Because of this, very little onsite preparation is needed. Simply sit in place and connect the unit to power and you are up and running. By delivering pre-engineered and designed units, DropBox Inc. expedites the building process prior to delivery, saving you significant amounts of time and money. 

Take a look around our website and see some of the projects we've completed for other customers. 

For more information on DropBox Inc. and all of our ISO shipping container modifications feel free to CONTACT US HERE or call us today at 740.532.7822.

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