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Dropbox Discusses Above Ground Tornado Shelters

Posted on Fri, Jun 25, 2010 @ 11:06 AM


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DropBox Inc has recently began research into providing above ground tornado shelters manufactured out of ISO shipping containers. I sat down with Matt Vonderheide, Business Manager for DropBox Inc. to discuss the new product.

MD: Matt, what interests you into manufacturing deliverable tornado shelters from DropBox?

MV: I've done a lot of research into tornado shelters that are currently on the market and I noticed that the majority of companies are building units that have to be buried underground. There are a lot fewer companies out there that are building above ground tornado shelters and I think there is demand for certified above ground tornado shelters. I feel like DropBox Inc. and its partners can manufacture and market a product that will be both safe and cost effective for our customers.

MD: Why shipping containers?

MV: Having modified shipping containers for years into a wide array of products, we know that your standard milvan or connex box, constructed out of 16 gauge corten steel, makes the perfect building block to manufacture high strength, easily transportable above ground tornado shelter.

MD: What kind of research or codes are you looking into to make sure that DropBoxs' units meet the standard in tornado shelters?

MV: We're planning to implement aspects of the ICC 500 – 2008 Standard for design and construction of Storm Shelters. These standards are published by the International Code Council (ICC) and the National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA) and provide design and construction requirements for storm shelters that provide a safe refuge from storms that produce high winds, hurricanes, and tornados.

MD: Matt, thanks for taking the time today to discuss the above ground tornado shelter by DropBox.

MV: Not a problem, it's just important for me to let our customers know that DropBox Inc is a custom shipping container modification company and we can build practically anything a customer needs out of ISO containers.

Check back as Matt and I pick up the conversation on this and more DropBox Products here at DropBoxinc.com.
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