Running water Restrooms

What are Running Water Restrooms?

Our portable Running Water Restroom (RWR) is a commercial quality containerized restroom unit that will take the waste management of your site to the 21st Century. Our RWR can be moved multiple times throughout the course of your project to meet the man power requirements both in and around your site. Many of our customers state that the RWR is a great solution for "New Construction, Outages, and Project Turnarounds".


These industrial grade units provide the site an added advantage to attract the higher quality craftsmen to get your project completed on time and on budget. Our "Running Water Restrooms" are easy to maintain and keep clean even in the toughest of industrial and construction environments.

  • All units include private stalls for men, men/women/
    unisex designs
  • Men’s units include urinal to accommodate high-traffic
  • Durable features that resist soiling and can
    be hosed or mopped down for easy cleaning
  • Customizable floor plans available
  • Utility tie-in and self contained with holding tanks for
    fresh and waste water available
  • Exterior connections for power, fresh water in, and
    waste water removal
  • Standard size units come in 20’ & 40’ models (custom size available upon
rwr sales flyer