Containerized Battery & Inverter Storage Solutionscontainerized battery box, containerized grid stabilization, containerized switch gear

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In laymans terms these units are designed store 0.5-1MW of energy or more in an ISO shipping container and are manufactured to work with the ebb and flow of any power grid. These Portable Power Solutions are designed to tie into a grid, store electricity when the demand on the grids is low, and redistribute the stored energy when demand on the grid is high. These Power Solutions by DropBox Inc. can be delivered with pre-installed inverters, PC system for monitoring, integrated transformers and switch stations.

Custom Designed Power Solutions containerized grid stabilization, modular battery terminal, modular battery box, modular switch gear

  • Integrater of Customer Specified Systems
  • Modular system easily ships both domestic & internationally 
  • Full design HVAC group meets mechanical & structural needs
  • Ready to use. Transportable from location to location
  • Multiple sizes & floor plans available
  • Compuational fluid & thermal dynamics
  • 3-D Modeling
  • Finite element analysis

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