Mark Fields









Mark Fields

PSG General Manager; Vice President Manufacturing

Mark Fields joined the PSG staff in March of 2015. Mark came to PSG as the Plant Manger after spending the previous 23 years working for Dow Chemical in Haverhill, OH. Mark has extensive knowledge of manufacturing and work processes, and has utilized many of these throughout his career. He has received extensive training in the 6-Sigma Process and is also well versed in the 5S and Lean Manufacturing. Mark served as the Production & Reliability Engineer in the Styrofoam business for multiple years. In this role he had overall responsibilities for manufacturing, reliability, maintenance, and PM responsibilities. He also oversaw the work force and supported many other plant & site functions. Other major role assignments have included serving as the North & Latin American Quality Leader for the Polystyrene and Engineering Plastics Businesses. These roles included both technical and analytical support for multiple plants and locations.

Mark received his B.S. in Industrial Technology from Ohio University in 1988 and returned to Ohio University to complete an MBA in 2009. After receiving his MBA Mark moved in to Dow’s Photovoltaic Film business as the Global Quality Focal Point and was part of starting a new business line for photovoltaic cell film applications. This included a sizable role in starting new production facilities in both Germany and Thailand.

Mark retired from Dow in 2013 and worked briefly as a Financial Advisor and Broker prior to joining the PSG Group. Mark assumed the role of Human Resource Leader for the PSG companies and was promoted to Vice President of Manufacturing in early 2016. Mark was named PSG General Manager in June 2016. When not at PSG Mark pastors an independent Baptist Church and is a member of the local Board of Education.


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